Always based in drawing, each body of work begins with a personal point of connection--an encounter, a coincidence, an object, an experience.  The slow act of drawing is a way for me to spend extensive time with a subject. The ideas for my work come from within a several mile radius of home--simply noticing what's at hand: a flower in bloom, a tree, fog.
My drawings require time to create; each stroke is a moment of seeing that has specific information encoded in it. The accumulation of singular marks amassed in a particular order echoes a physical reality and inevitably creates a new social, physical, and psychological reality. Looking is important. Getting lost in looking is important. Losing time in looking is important. The subject is looking. The subject is time. Time encoded in drawings is found time. New time. Time out of time. Distilled into art, it exists apart and is its own reality.

Influences and inspirations include:
Vija Celmins for work that exists outside of time.
Toba Khedoori for showing that the ordinary is sublime.
Ellen Altfest for allowing slow change to be a subject.
Kiki Smith for her heart and her inventions.
Lois Dodd for letting the world come to her. 
Suzan Frecon for her contemporary modernism. 
Agnes Martin for her tenacity. 
Dawn Clements for showing that drawing and writing are both instruments for recording.